Pulstar pulse plugs by Enerpulse look and fit like traditional spark plugs, but are exponentially more powerful. Pulstars discharge with 10 times the energy of a spark plug! This high power pulse discharge ignites the compressed air/fuel mixture in the cylinder more precisely and completely, producing on average 6% better fuel economy and torque.

With the assistance of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, Enerpulse developed Pulstar™ to increase the peak power of the spark by 10 times and ignite gasoline in the engine's cylinder more completely, with less cycle-to-cycle variation. The result is more engine torque, more horsepower and better fuel economy.

The high power of the Pulstar™ will not damage an engine because the high power event lasts only for 2 microseconds (billionths of a second). This very brief moment is enough to ignite the fuel in the cylinder, but too brief to overheat the combustion chamber or metal engine components. So it will neither harm your engine nor void your manufacturer's warranty.
Pulstar™ looks like a spark plug because it was designed to fit into the same hole in your engine. But, internally, Pulstar™ is very different, incorporating a pulse circuit no other plug has. This is why we call Pulstar™ a "pulse plug" and not a spark plug.

Pulse plugs may look similar to spark plugs on the outside, but inside the technological advances of Pulse plug are evident. Pulse plugs feature a unique capacitor-based circuit that captures energy normally wasted by spark plugs and generates a spark with 20,000 times greater energy than any spark plug.
Pulse plug technology is even more apparent when used with alternative fuels. Many alternative fuels like E85 and E100 ethanol, CNG (compressed natural gas) and propane require fuel delivery adjustments for the best mix of combustible fuel and air. Many dual fuel applications provide a compromise mix so that more than one fuel can be run in the same engine. This means that a less than optimum mix is delivered for ignition by the spark from the plug. With the higher concentration of energy produced by the Pulse plug, precise timing and delivery of combustion is maintained and higher efficiency is assured.

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