The project which is developed by us is used to keep detail about different types of loan and saving account.This project is also helpful for keep detail about user information.It helps you to keep record of all modification and it provides security using login system.In manual system we have to maintain data on paper so, it is very difficult. In manual system we make all entries of users account and loan of any user and any one transaction in different books. Then we should prepare a book for all entries.And book advantage and disadvantage of manual system is list below:-
Advantage     : -          1) There is no requirement of power.
1) Difficult to maintain all entries.
                                   2) Difficult to generate a report.
                                   3) It is very much time consuming.
                                   4) Difficult to search a record
                                  5) Data may not be perfect human error.
            It contains various forms and reports with different function. It has the menus created for different forms and reports. When you click the menu, It opens the related forms about the saving account, login form, inquiry, etc.

Project Summary

                 This project is based on saving account and loan management system. There are 8 forms, and different reports, modules in this project.


·        Login  Form
·        Inquiry Form
·        Nominee Information Form
·        Open Account
·        Close Account
·        Saving Account
·        Different types of Loan
The first form in this project is login form. In this form if enter your login name and password then you can access data.
                              The second form of this project is about nominee information form in this there are all details about user like user Id, name, contact no, address, etc.

                              In this there are another forms that are open account, close account in this form gives information first of all when ever user opens account that time one form will submited first then user sign and other details required then your open account will be opened.and in close account form if user close his/her account then he/she can’t withdraw case.this project is important because all users case will be secured.
                              This project is important because data can be stored for a longer period and easy and fastest finding technique. In this project we also managed loan. there are some rules to get loan. 

                           Advantage of Proposed System
§  Easy to generate report for transactions.
§  It is very much faster than manual system.
§  Easy and fastest record finding technique.
§  It is very much flexible to work.
§  Man power is easy to less.

                              SYSTEM REQUIREMENT

                  There are some system requirements for developed any kind of application. We can use different type of software to develop our project. In system requirement there are some hardware and software is required as following:

Hardware requirement:-

This software requires following minimum hardware configuration:
Ø  Processor: Pentium-iii
Ø  RAM: 256 MB           
Ø  Hard Disk: 4.3GB
Ø  Floppy Disk: 1.44 MB
Ø  CD Drive
Ø  Monitor-15” Color Monitor
      Software Requirement:-
This software requires following minimum software configuration:

Ø  Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Ø  Oracle 8i
Ø  Photoshop
Ø  Flash
This above software and hardware are necessary to develop this project.

Feasibility Study

1.   Economical feasibility :
Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of a new system. More commonly known as cost/benefit analysis, the procedure is to determine the benefits and savings that are expected from a candidate system and compare them with costs. If benefits outweigh costs, then the decision is made to design and implement the system.
                        The s/w does not require any kind of sophisticated and advance h/w or s/w .secondly it also reduces the cost of stationary and additional staff.

                        So the project also helps in reducing the cost. So by all means we found the project to be economically feasible.

2.   Technical feasibility

        The technical feasibility in the proposed system deals with the technology used in the system. It deals with the hardware and software used in the system whether they are of latest technology or not. It happens that after a system is prepared a new technology arises and the user wants the system based on that technology. Thus it is important to check the system to be technically feasible.

            We have made use of visual basic as front end and oracle as back end. Oracle is the most powerful RDBMS package with very high storage capacity and high level of security.

                        We require database which can handle large volume of data very fast and accurate.

3.   Operational feasibility

    The project has been developed in such a way that it becomes very easy even for a layman with little computer knowledge to operate it.

                                 The s/w is very user friendly and does not require any technical person   to operate Thus the project is even operationally feasible.

            Operational feasibility covers two aspects. One is the technical performance aspect and other is the acceptance within the organization. Operational feasibility determines how the proposed system will fit the current operations and what, if any job restructuring and retraining may be needed to implement the system.
Platform Specification

1)  Visual Basic as Front end:-
                                                Our project is created in visual basic language as front end The oracle engine can compile and execute SQL sentences issued by a user .If the SQL Visual Basic is Microsoft’s greatest version of the VB programming language. Visual Basic reduced the effort required on your part and makes programming easy VB makes many   aspects of programming as simple as dragging graphic objects on to the screen with your mouse.

Microsoft’s VB on a programming language written for beginners called BASIC. BASIC is stand for “Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code”. The user can use BASIC more efficiently than other languages like COBOL, FORTRAN.

In Visual Basic programming language, it consists of set of commands and command options called arguments, that use to give instruction to computer programs are comprised of files that interact with one another. The program or application within a programming language is a set of instructions that direct the computer.                   
                 Visual Basic continues the tradition of simple, powerful and easy to learn a language yet adds enough extended capabilities to satisfy the most jaded developer.
Visual Basic comes in three flours: =

            [1]   The Visual Basic Learning Edition
            [2]   The Visual Basic Professional Edition
            [3]   The Visual Basic Enterprise Edition

[1]   The Visual Basic Learning Edition: =

                       It as introductory edition that lets you easily create windows

[2]   The Visual Basic Professional Edition: =

This edition is for the computer professionals and includes advanced features such as tools to develop features such as tools to develop activeX and internet controls.

[3]   The Visual Basic Enterprise Edition: =

               This is the most advanced edition and is aimed to programmer who builds distributed application in a team environment.

2) Oracle 8i as Back-end:-

In our saving account and loan management system we have use oracle to store valued according to requirement in the database files. Here, oracle is used for back-end purpose. The format which is used in oracle is a coherent collection if data with some inherent meaning, designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose. A database stores data that is useful to us.
This data is only a part of the entire data available in the world around us. To be able to successfully design and maintain database we have to do following.
          [1] Identity which is part of the system data is of   interest to us.
          [2] Identify what specific objects in that part of the system’s data are of interest.
          [3] Identify a relationship between the objects.

                        The oracle product is primarily divided in to,            
  [I] Oracle Server Tools              
  [ii] Oracle Client Tools


Oracle is kernel package that has a number of tools, these tools allow the programmer to create database objects, forms and reports, graphs etc. These are as follows:

            SQL*PLUS is made up of distinct parts. Interactive SQL is designed to create access and maintain all data structures. Like tables, index etc. It can also be used for interactive data manipulation.

v PL/SQL:-

PL/SQL is used to create programs for validation and manipulation of table data. PL/SQL adds to the power interactive SQL and provides the user with all facilities of a standard, Modern Day programming environment.

This tools is used to create a data entry screen along with suitable menu Objects. It handles data gathering and data validation in a commercial application.

Report Writer allows programmers to prepare innovative reports using data from the oracle structure like tables, Views etc.
Oracle graphics tools is used to prepare graphs using data from oracle structure like table, views etc. It is part of commercial application.
Project Risk***

ü Incomplete project
ü About Cost
ü User requirement
ü About Database

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