Satellites are attractive option for carrying internet and other IP traffic to many locations across the globe where terrestrial options are limited or [censored] prohibitive. But data       networking on satellite is faced with overcoming the large latency and high bit error rate typical of satellite communications as well as the asymmetric bandwidth design of most satellite network.Satellites are ideal for providing internet and private network access over long distance and to remote locations. However the internet protocols are not optimized for satellite conditions. So the throughput over the satellite networks is restricted to only a fraction of available bandwidth.
Mentat , the leading supplies of TCP/IP to the computer industry have overcome their limitations with the development of the Sky X product family.The Sky X system replaces TCP over satellite link with a protocol optimized for the long latency, high loss and asymmetric bandwidth conditions of the typical satellite communication. The Sky X family consists of Sky X Gateway, Sky X Client/Server and Sky X OEM products.Sky X products increase the performance of IP over satellite by transparency replacing. The Sky X Gateway works by intercepting the TCP connection from client and converting the data to Sky X protocol for transmission over the satellite. The Sky X Client /Server product operates in a similar manner except that the Sky X client software is installed on each end users PC.Connection from applications running on the PC is intercepted and send over the satellite using the Sky X protocol.

Satellites are ideal for providing internet and private network access over long distance and to remote locations. However the internet protocols are not optimized for satellite conditions and consequently the throughput over the satellite networks is restricted to only a fraction of available bandwidth. We can over come these restrictions by using the Sky X protocol.
The Sky X Gateway and Sky X Client/Servers systems replaces TCP over satellite link with a protocol optimized for the long latency, high loss and asymmetric bandwidth conditions of the typical satellite communication. Adding the Sky X system to a satellite network allows users to take full advantage of the available bandwidth. The Sky X Gateway transparently enhances the performance of all users on a satellite network without any modifications to the end clients and servers. The Sky X Client and the Sky X Server enhance the performance of data transmissions over satellites directly to end user PC’s, thereby  increasing Web performance by 3 times or more and file transfer speeds by  10 to 100 times. The Sky X solution is entirely transparent to end users, works with all TCP applications and does not require any modifications to end client and servers

Sky X products are the leading implementation of a class of products known variously as protocol gateway TCP Performance Enhancing Proxy (TCP/PEP) , or satellite spoofer.The Sky X gateways are available as ready to install hardware solutions which can be added to any satellite network.
The Sky X family consists of the Sky X Gateway, Sky x Client/Server and the sky X OEM products. The Sky X Gateway is a hardware solution designed for easy installation into any satellite network and provides performance enhancement for all devices on the network. The Sky X Client/Server provides performance enhancement to individual PC’s.

 Packeteer Introduces New SkyX Accelerators for Improved TCP-Based Application Performance; New SkyX Accelerators Support Expanded Range of Link Speeds; Comply with European Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Packeteer(R) (NASDAQ:PKTR), the global leader in WAN Application Optimization, today announced the introduction of two new SkyX Accelerator models based on new hardware platforms that provide substantially improved scalability to support future features and functional enhancements. Packeteer's SkyX Accelerators improve TCP-based application performance including SAP, FTP file transfers, e-mail and Web access. The appliances also provide acceleration capabilities for disaster recovery, database synchronizations and backups in high-latency, high-bandwidth environments such as satellite or datacenter-to-datacenter links.
The new SkyX 250 and high-end SkyX 750 Accelerators support a greater range of link speeds and concurrent sessions than their predecessors and utilize the new release 7.0 operating software that supports an Ethernet failover bypass capability while maintaining complete backward compatibility with existing SkyX appliances.
The SkyX 250 Accelerator also complies with the European Union (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive that is a requirement for all companies selling within or into the EU. The RoHS directive, designed to provide environmental safeguards eliminating the use of toxic materials, applies to electrical and electronic products and their components offered for sale in the EU after July 1, 2006. The RoHS-compliant version of the SkyX 750 is scheduled for availability later this year.
"Enterprises are quickly realizing that the ability to accelerate TCP-based applications provides a distinct competitive advantage through improved productivity, and that adding expensive bandwidth to compensate for poor WAN application performance is a failed strategy," said David Puglia, Packeteer's vice president of marketing. "The introduction of our new SkyX products will help customers accelerate host or client traffic, as well as improve the performance of strategic data center replication without having to implement link speed upgrades."
New SkyX Accelerator Details
The new SkyX Accelerators will be added to the Packeteer product line as the current XR10, XH45 and XH155 appliances are phased out. The SkyX 250 Accelerator is a 1U rack-mountable appliance that supports up to 20,000 concurrent sessions and accepts 45 Mbps of inbound traffic for compression. The system supports link speeds ranging form 2 - 45 Mbps. The high end SkyX 750 Accelerator is also a 1U rack mountable appliance capable of supporting up to 80,000 concurrent sessions and accepts 45 Mbps of inbound traffic for compression. Link speed options range from 10 - 155 Mbps.
Price and Availability
The SkyX 250 Accelerator is available now. A non-RoHS version of the SkyX 750 Accelerator is scheduled for availability in late August 2006; the RoHS-compliant version of the SkyX 750 Accelerator is scheduled for availability in late October 2006. Pricing for the SkyX 250 appliance starts at $2,500. Pricing for the SkyX 750 appliance starts at $10,000.
About Packeteer
Packeteer, Inc. (NASDAQ:PKTR), is the global market leader in WAN Optimization and Application Traffic Management for wide area networks. Deployed at more than 7,000 companies in 50 countries, Packeteer solutions empower IT organizations with patented network visibility, control, and acceleration capabilities delivered through a family of intelligent, scalable appliances. For more information, contact Packeteer at 1 (408) 873-4400 or visit the company's website at
Safe Harbor Clause
The statements contained in this press release that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, including statements regarding Packeteer's expectations, beliefs, intentions or strategies regarding the future. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, express or implied statements regarding future revenues, revenue growth and profitability, spending levels by existing and prospective customers, the markets for our products, new product development, liquidity and macro economic conditions. All forward-looking statements included in this press release are based upon information available to Packeteer as of the date hereof. Packeteer assumes no obligation to update any such forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. Actual results may differ materially due to a number of factors including the perceived need for our products, our ability to convince potential customers of our value proposition, the costs of competitive solutions, continued capital spending by prospective customers and macro economic conditions. These and other risks relating to Packeteer's business are set forth in Packeteer's Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 16, 2006, and Packeteer's Form 10-Qs and other reports filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

When TCP protocol design limitations, high latency and lost packets threaten application connection speed, SkyX Accelerator ramps flow, fully utilizes links and keeps data moving along.
  • Accelerate file transfers, large and small
  • Speed XML and HTTP sessions, disaster recovery, database sync and backups
  • Optimize application performance over high-latency and satellite links
  • Increase link utilization on fat WAN links
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization and ROI
  • Minimize retransmission and recover more quickly from errors

TCP Acceleration

Enjoy faster database connectivity, Web and remote-access applications while maintaining full TCP reliability and end-to-end flow control. Specifically optimized for long delay, high bit error and asymmetric bandwidth conditions. Accelerate all TCP-based applications—including Web access, FTP file transfers, ERP and e-mail.

Data Center Replication Acceleration

SkyX Accelerator technology overcomes latency effect on TCP over high-bandwidth links by using bandwidth much more efficiently and improving replication performance over high capacity data center-to-data center links. Replication sessions complete up to 100 times faster and are not subject to the stalls and session drops associated with packet loss.

XML and Web Acceleration

Response times improve dramatically with enhanced HTTP performance. SkyX XpressWeb and XpressXML technology speeds delivery of embedded objects in Web-based applications. Further accelerate Web downloads by reducing time needed to establish each new HTTP connection.
PacketShaper is an application traffic and bandwidth management system that delivers predictable, efficient performance for applications running over the WAN and Internet. The combination of its layer 7 classification, analysis, control, and reporting capabilities enables network administrators to keep critical traffic moving at an appropriate pace through bandwidth bottlenecks and prevents any single type of traffic from monopolizing the link.
Feature highlights include:
  • Automatic Traffic Discovery: PacketShaper systems utilize their layer 7 classification capabilities to automatically identify all applications running across the network. Please see the PacketShaper Data Sheet for a list of applications.
  • Extensible traffic class definitions: Create custom criteria for measuring and controlling traffic. Classify traffic by application, protocol, address, subnet, port number, URL or wildcard, host name, LDAP host lists, Diffserv setting, 802.1p/q, MPLS, ISL, IP precedence bits, IP or Mac address, direction (inbound/outbound), source, destination, host speed range, Mime type, web browser, Oracle database, Citrix Published Application, VLAN. Combinations of the criteria are supported, enabling more targeted monitoring and control.
  • Real-time traffic monitoring: Traffic network utilization (peak and current rates) for the link and by application.
  • Monitor response time for each application. Differentiate network delay from server delay.
  • Monitor network efficiency: Determine how much bandwidth is wasted from retransmissions.
  • Threshold all performance metrics and automatically notify an administrator via email or SNMP trap when threshold is crossed.
  • Policy-based enforcement of application priorities and bandwidth allocation for capacities of up to 200 MB: Directly control bandwidth allocation by application, server, or user to proactively prevent congestion related application performance problems.
  • Traffic marking for DiffServ-, ISL-, 802.1p/q-, or MPLS-enabled networks
  • On-board historical reporting
PacketShaper systems provide typical monitoring features that provide network administrators with valuable intelligence to control their application performance and maximize existing network resources.
By relying on monitoring as a baselining and strategic function rather than for passive observation, PacketShaper products enable organizations to discover and classify applications, analyze their performance, and then enforce policy-based bandwidth allocation based on their business importance. PacketShaper systems generate an array of reports to validate performance results, ensuring that applications are indeed aligned with business priorities.

The sky X gateway is the leading solution for overcoming the limitations of TCP/IP over satellite. ISP’s, corporations, governments, and military organizations around the world rely on sky X gateway to enhance the performance of their satellite networks.
Testing by independent third parties including INTELSAT and NASA confirms that the sky X Gateway dramatically improves performance for the internet and private access over satellite networks.
The world is reducing to a global village by the use of satellite communication and so the improvement in the rate of information interchange through satellite is a must and thus sky X technology becomes unavoidable.

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