5 Secrets of Motivation By Matt Levenhagen

5 Secrets of Motivation By Matt Levenhagen
from the books
This short eBook was written to help you understand where motivation
comes from and the steps to take to attain it. Motivation is not always easy
to pin down.
Whether you are just starting out in business or pursuing opportunities online
OR if you have been at it for a long time OR somewhere in between,
motivation to do the things you need to do day in and day out can be
Sometimes many of us will go on for months and even years without a break
through… without making enough money to say, “YES! I’ve made it!!”
So how do you stay motivated OR get motivated for that length of
Many of us linger making a little here and a little there. We chase after this
opportunity for a while the go off in another direction to see if you can make
money at another opportunity.
It becomes a terrible cycle. Going from one thing to another… fighting to
keep going. And often, we fall and loose the little motivation we did have
and sink into depression or wonder around aimlessly looking for answers that
never come.
The problem so many people have is they don’t quit understand what
motivation even is or where to get it… Do you? Do you think it is a secret
formula that you will discover……………… Someday?
How much have you sacrificed? How much are you going to have to
Sometimes we have to struggle and sacrifice for a long time to get what
we want in life. If any of you have gone to college, you’ll know what I’m
talking about… Years of studying long hours and spending the money to go
to school not knowing what lies after…
I had to sacrifice A LOT to learn what I needed to become a force online and
to build a business that could bring me in enough money to comfortably live
off of. You may have to as well!
We can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel many times… we have
to ignore all the good things happening around us to focus on something that
we can’t even touch yet… and don’t know with 100% certainly it will even
How do you stay motivated?
Some of us don’t have the support system we require to encourage us to
keep going… Is your wife or family not really behind you? They often don’t
even understand what you’re doing online and just wish you’d get a real job
or focus on making money offline in your regular job… and want you to
spend the rest of the time doing chores around the house or relaxing with
the friends and family.

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