Angel's Blood - Guild Hunter 1 By Nalini Singh

When Elena told people she was a vampire hunter, their first
reaction was an inevitable gasp, followed by, “You go around sticking
those sharp stakes in their evil putrid hearts?”
Okay, maybe the actual words varied but the feel was the same. It
made her want to track down and exterminate the idiot fifteenth-century
storyteller who’d made up that tale in the first place. Of course, the
vampires had probably already taken care of it—after the first few of
them ended up in whatever passed for an emergency room back then.
Elena didn’t stake vampires. She tracked them, bagged them, and
returned them to their masters—the angels. Some people called her kind
bounty hunters, but according to her Guild card, she was “Licensed to
Hunt Vampires & Assorted Others”—which made her a vampire hunter,
with the attendant benefits, including hazard pay. That pay was very
healthy. It had to be to compensate for the fact that hunters occasionally
had their jugulars torn open.
Still, Elena decided she needed a pay raise after her calf muscle started
protesting. She’d been stuck in a cramped corner of an alley in the Bronx
for the past two hours, a too tall female with pale, almost white hair and
silver eyes. The hair was a pain in the butt. According to her sometimes
friend Ransom, she might as well wear a sign announcing her presence.
Since dyes wouldn’t work on it for longer than two minutes, Elena had a
great collection of knit caps.
She was tempted to pull her current one down over her nose, but had a
feeling that would only intensify the malodorous “ambience” of this dank
piece of New York City. That led her to thinking about the virtues of nose
Something rustled behind her.
She swiveled . . . to come face-to-face with a stalking cat, its eyes
reflecting silver in the darkness. Satisfied the animal was what it seemed,
she returned her attention to the sidewalk, wondering if her eyes shone as
freakily as that cat’s. It was a good thing she’d inherited dark gold skin
from her Moroccan grandmother or she’d have resembled a ghost.

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