A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House by henrik ibsen
A Doll's House  is a three-act play in prose by the playwright Henrik Ibsen. It premièred at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 21 December 1879, having been published earlier that month.
The play was controversial when first published, as it is sharply critical of 19th century marriage norms.Michael Meyer argues that the play's theme is not women's rights, but rather "the need of every individual to find out the kind of person he or she really is and to strive to become that person." In a speech given to the Norwegian Women's Rights League in 1898, Ibsen insisted that he "must disclaim the honor of having consciously worked for the women's rights movement," since he wrote "without any conscious thought of making propaganda," his task having been "the description of humanity." The Swedish playwright August Strindberg attacked the play in his volume of short stories Getting Married (1884).

From the book

(SCENE SCENE.—A room furnished comfortably and tastefully,
but not extravagantly. At the back, a door to the right leads to
the entrance-hall, another to the left leads to Helmer’s study.
Between the doors stands a piano. In the middle of the left-hand wall is a door, and beyond it a window. Near the win-dow are a round table, arm-chairs and a small sofa. In the
right-hand wall, at the farther end, another door; and on the
same side, nearer the footlights, a stove, two easy chairs and a
rocking-chair; between the stove and the door, a small table.
Engravings on the walls; a cabinet with china and other small
objects; a small book-case with well-bound books. The floors
are carpeted, and a fire burns in the stove. It is winter.
A bell rings in the hall; shortly afterwards the door is heard
to open. Enter NORA NORA, humming a tune and in high spirits.
She is in outdoor dress and carries a number of parcels; these
she lays on the table to the right. She leaves the outer door
open after her, and through it is seen a PORTER who is carrying a Christmas Tree and a basket, which he gives to the
MAID who has opened the door.)

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