Andromeda's moon

Andromeda's moon
From the book

The Moon is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems larger, 
sometimes smaller. It can look snow white, pale yellow, shiny 
silver, or even pumpkin orange. And sometimes you can see a 
face—the “man on the Moon” of which there are so many 
The Moon has many powers, too: It commands the ocean 
tides, navigates the seasons, steers sunrise to the East, and 
steadies our Earth as it wobbles. When full, it guides travelers 
through the dark. When full of mischief, it turns the unwary 
into werewolves. 
Well, okay, there are no werewolves in this story. There’s no 
“dark side” of the Moon either. Nope, there’s no half that’s 
dark year-round (except down in a nice deep crater) or always 
bright (except high on the Mountains of Everlight at the north 
pole). But when the night sky down here on Earth is clear and 
the air is crisp, you might just make out the faint shimmery 
outline of nighttime on the Moon. 
It’s hard for most of us to imagine that people actually live 
up there, but they do! Fearless explorers mapping new 
frontiers, clever scientists unlocking the secrets of space-time, 
lonely settlers building their futures on a barren rock that 
alternates between extreme heat and freezing cold. Yep, 
there’s not too many willing to go where there’s no air, 
precious little water, and more things that can kill you than a 
crocodile-infested lagoon. But there are those brave few… 

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