Examination Paper Leakage Protection - Seminar Report

Examination Paper Leakage Protection
Every year during the time of examination we will come across some news in the television and newspaper about question paper leakages and hence the exam is being postponed / cancelled. Because the university will send question papers to colleges 1 or 2 hours before the exam starts so some colleges’ misuses and allow to leak the question paper. To stop this malpractice of leaking the question paper. So we develop a system called examination paper leakage protection.

  • AT89c52 Micro controller 
  • Relay circuit
  • GSM modem
  • RFID reader module
  • Real Time Clock IC
  • Stepper motor
  • Motor driver IC
  • LCD Unit.
  • MAX232.
  • Keypad

  • Keil Microvision IDE for developing and editing the source code.
  • Programming Language used is Embedded C.

  • GSM modem is connected to the box containing question papers along with the   microcontroller.
  • Mobile of Authorized person in University board acts as the Base station.
  • To open the question paper box, RFID is needed to be swiped with a valid RFID tag and then RFID will compare with RAM data such as RFID address, RTC date and time.
  • If the comparison is failure , then  controller sends ”WRONG ACCESS”  message to the Base station through GSM modem and If anybody tries to open the box before the pre-defined time with a valid RFID tag also, then  controller sends ”RULES VIOLATED”  message to the Base station through GSM modem.
  • The password is sent from the Base station to the college at the time of opening the BOX.
  • If the comparison is success, then the controller is waits for the password. If the person enters the wrong password, then  controller sends ”PASSWORD MISMATCH”  message to the Base station through GSM modem. If the person enters the correct password, then BOX is opened with the help of stepper motor.

UART: Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter is used in serial communication between two devices in conjunction with RS-232. Normally, we use 9600bps as the standard baud rate with 1 start bit and 1 stop bit in this communication.

I2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit protocol is used for serial communication between many devices in hardware. It reduces total cost and complexity of the hardware. It supports 100kbps, 400kbps and 3.4Mbps baud rates.

GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications is the most popular standard for mobile telephony systems in the world.  GSM network operates in the 900 MHz or 1800 MHz bands.

RFID: Radio-Frequency IDentification is the use of an object applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. 125 kHz radio waves are used as the industry standard for RFID communication.

· To prevent the leakage of examination question papers.
· To protect some secret papers.
· To protect some confidential papers related to country.
· The same box can be used to seal the answer sheet and can be sent to      evaluation centers.

This project can be enhanced by using GPS in this system, in this we can find out the exact location of the BOX incase of any misplacement or theft.

· Knowledge of design and implementation of embedded system based on 8051 controllers.
· Knowledge and Implementation of GSM, RFID, RTC etc devices.
· Knowledge of I2C & UART protocol Technologies

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