Optimal Stochastic Location Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Optimal Stochastic Location Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
we develop a stochastic sequential decision framework to analyze this problem. Under a Markovian mobility model, the location update decision problem is modeled as a Markov Decision Process (MDP). We first investigate the monotonicity properties of optimal NU and LSU operations with respect to location inaccuracies under a general cost setting. From the discovered separation property of the problem structure and the monotonicity properties of optimal actions, we find that 1) there always exists a simple optimal threshold-based update rule for LSU operations; 2) for NU operations, an optimal threshold-based update rule exists in a low-mobility scenario. In the case that no a priori knowledge of the MDP model is available, we also introduce a practical model-free learning approach to find a near-optimal solution for the problem..

Current model does not encompass user’s past behavior.
Can we incorporate knowledge of the physical world to improve accuracy?

Proposed System
Two types of location updates
Neighborhood Update (NU) -update location information within a neighboring region
Location Server Update (LSU) -update the node’s location information at one or multiple distributed location serve.

Goals of Paper
Have you ever wished that you would come to know your friend’s locations without asking them?
Have you ever wished that you would get to know which friend is just few kilometers away from you and would then meet him personally?
The application “Friend Locator on Mobiles” solves all these problems. It offers below services

1. Allows user to select friend for his location updates.
2. Uploads user’s current location at specific frequency.
3. Get friends current location
4. Shows friends location on google Map.
5. Shows distance in kilometers for friends away from user.


Mobile Application:
Android Google API.
GPS (for getting user’s current location)
GPRS (for internet connectivity between mobile and server)

Server Application:
WCF (Windows communication Foundation) REST service.
REST : (REpresentational State Transfer protocol)

System Components

Mobile Application:
The mobile application has below modules
1. Friends on Map
This module allows user to view all friends location on Google Map.

2. Sync up of Locations
This module is responsible of fetching friend’s locations from server.

This module also finds out user’s current location via GPS and is responsible of uploading the current location of user to server.

3. Settings
This module allows user to set some settings for the applications.

Server Application:

1, WCF REST Service
The WCF REST Service has below modules:
1. LocateFriend
Client will send User data to REST Service, This service will stores the user data into databse. And Client can ask for his friends data by sending friend(s) mobile number to REST service to get current location of friend.
2, SQL SERVER 2000
Storing users data.

Hardware Requirements
Mobile which has below features (The app can also run on emulator)
a. GPS
c. Android phone

Software Requirements
a. Android SDK 1.5 or above.
b. Eclipse IDE
c. VS 2008
d. SQL Server 2000 or above

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