From the book

Kitty Ransom awoke as a heavy hand clamped 
against her mouth. She started to yelp, but her startled 
breath was cut short against the large palm, and her eyes 
flew wide in the darkness. At first, still dazed with sleep, 
she thought it might be Michael Urry and other young 
men from the nearby village of Totland; they had snuck 
out to the bluffs, to her father’s estate, Rosneathto have a 
spot of fun with her, a wicked prank of some sort. After a 
moment, however, it occurred to her that the hand 
against her face was rough and calloused, as if from a 
lifetime of harsh labor―something scrawny, privileged 
Michael Urry and his friends had never known. 
That realization left her seized with sudden fear,  a 
fright that only mounted as the man seized her above the 
crook of her elbow and hauled her abruptly, roughlyout 
of bed. She danced on her tiptoes for a moment beside 
him, tangled in her bedclothes and heard scuffling 
footsteps and heavy breaths from around and behind 
them. By her quick estimation, the sounds accountedfor 
at least five other men in her room.

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