LOST IN GLORY by Quentin Oakwood

LOST IN GLORY  by  Quentin Oakwood
From the book

Dawn broke over the goblin village, but no cockerelwas crowing this morning. It was a very 
bad omen. It meant that one of the goblins had eaten the cockerel. Again. 
The goblins woke up early anyway. They didn't like to sleep late. They liked to eat early. 
"I love the smell of roasted squirrel in the morning," one of the goblins said. 
"Silly youngster, burning a perfectly good squirrel!" an elderly goblin complained. 
"Raw squirrel is disgusting! How can you eat it like that, grandpa?" 
The older goblin examined his squirrel carcass. "I can't. Not flat enough! Now, where was my 
club...?" He wandered away, muttering to himself and looking for some handy squirrel-flattening tool. 
The goblins who weren't busy with activities that involved today's food were gathered around 
the latrine to deal with yesterday's food. There was quite a queue there. 
"Who used up all the plantago leaves?!" a shout came from the inside. 
"Use poison ivy!" a goblin awaiting his turn replied. 
"You can take your poison ivy and stick it where the moon never peeks! Or I'll do it myself 
when I come out!" 
"Kitty! Here kitty kitty kitty! Come here, my little furry breakfast!" a sleepy goblin called, 
while chasing a small ginger cat. The cat apparently didn't want to become a little furry 
breakfast. It skilfully raced between the wooden shacks. The goblin followed it a bit less 
skilfully, stumbling on everything in his path. Desperation for a tasty meowing meal kept him 
going. The pursuit ended when the cat jumped over agarbage pit. The goblin tried to follow, 
but he fumbled his jump and fell into a heap of rubbish. 
Other goblins gathered around to watch. They rarelyhad any entertainment this early in the 
morning. A goblin covered with food scraps and various refuse wasn't the funniest thing ever, 
but still pretty amusing. Especially because he couldn't get out of the pit. Time and again he 
slid back into the garbage, spitting and cursing and begging for help. That only caused more 
laughter. Unfortunately the amusement was cut shortby a voice coming from the watchtower. 
"Human! Danger! Human alert!" 
The goblins sprang to attention. They dropped whatever they were doing and scrambled for 
their weapons. The garbage goblin was quickly pulled out. Human alert was no joke. Goblin 
chief Blahterk was already climbing the tower. "Where?" he asked. The watchgoblin pointed. 
Indeed, a human was approaching. The chief scratched his head. "Only one?" 
"Well, you know, I used a singular noun, therefore I most certainly meant..." 
"Shut up!" The chief cut the elaborate explanation short by hitting the watchgoblin on the 
"Ow!" the goblin complained, but Blahterk ignored him. He turned his full attention to the 
approaching human. Something was wrong. A human, out here, in the middle of nowhere? It 
was most unusual. Humans didn't wander out here as a rule, with crazed old hermits being the 
exception. This one didn't qualify. Possibly crazed, probably not old, definitely not a hermit. 
Hermits didn't carry around swords and shields. Nordid they wear full plate armour. Knights, 
on the other hand, did. 

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